Day 111

Where to begin? How to conclude? Words, pictures, memories will never do it justice. Watching my home for the past three and a half months drift away before me as we escalated into… Continue reading

Day 93

Days are flying by faster and faster. With only two photography classes, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned in this class alone. Today we finally finished our film developing process… Continue reading

Day 89

Day 88

Thanksgiving in Italy. It’s a strange thing. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how great a holiday it is until now as I’m thousands of miles away. It’s a national holiday to… Continue reading

Day 84

Lazy days. Oh I’ve had so many of them here but I am taking my semester here as time to heal and rest my body and soul. I had pushed it far and… Continue reading

Day 83

A day I know I will look back onto, smile, and laugh at the ridiculous adventures Suzie and I went through to arrive at the White Truffle Festival in San Miniato. We always… Continue reading

Day 82

Woke up finally feeling refreshed and excited for the day this morning. Even with my manly, yet squeaky voice and my awkward limp, I was ready to attack the day. Grocery shopping can… Continue reading

Day 81

Exactly one month from today I will be leaving Florence and heading home. The last month. I can’t believe it, yet I am beyond excited. I’m rather homesick today and in a bit… Continue reading

Day 77

Christmas music is officially playing on my computer. It’s comforting and an automatic lifter of my spirits. I cannot wait for the Christmas decorations to go up around Florence. I’ve heard it’s breathtaking.… Continue reading

Day 76

Today was a day I had to get out. I finally went for a run. It was absolutely gorgeous out and the fresh air was everything I needed and more. As I got… Continue reading

Day 75

I love watching and immersing myself into the Italian culture. It still fascinates and intrigues me. This morning I took the opportunity to volunteer at an Italian high school through LDM, and I’m… Continue reading

Day 74

Officially beginning my new goal of doing something new or different everyday until I leave December 15th. Large or small, I will push myself to open my eyes, edge out of my comfort… Continue reading

Day 73

I’ve missed blogging. I got stuck in a rut of being behind and I just can’t do it any longer. I am in need of processing. I am in need of expressing all… Continue reading

Day 38

Six buses, a winery,gelato, and I’m finally home. An eventful day may be an understatement. Not my usual Wednesday beginning with having to miss my cooking class in order to get finger printed… Continue reading

Day 37

Another day in passing. Another day to learn and grow. Sometimes the days seems to blur together and I lose track of time. In a way I guess I’ve gotten into a routine… Continue reading

Day 36

I let myself be a tourist today. It was only fitting as I gave my version of the Florence tour to the gals. I shared my market love and we ended up gathering… Continue reading

Day 35

THEY’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, Jessica, Elaine, and Carol made their way to the wonderful city of Firenze to visit and I basically tackled Mom when I found them across the street from my apartment.… Continue reading

Day 34

Getting cleaning supplies may have been the most exciting part of my day. It’s a bit strange how much I enjoy cleaning. After scrubbing down every inch of my room and the bathroom,… Continue reading

Day 33

Before jumping over the pond for Florence, I never dreamed I would spend so much time in my apartment and sleeping as I have so far. I came in with the no expectations… Continue reading

Day 32

It’s a small small world. Tonight Tara, Suzie, and I had basically a blind date with Tara’s friend’s friend who is also studying in Florence and invited us over for a dessert and… Continue reading

Day 31

Good news. No panting and not toooo rapid of a heart beat after making it up the stairs and into my apartment tonight. Definite improvement but now new goal of being able to… Continue reading

Day 30

Who am I creating myself to be? The lovely Taylor Smith emailed me the quote, “life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” It’s interesting because I came to Florence hoping… Continue reading

Day 29

I didn’t realize how much I missed Florence until I was walking through the streets today. I hadn’t even been on some of the streets but the familiarity of look and feel, knowing… Continue reading

Day 28

Eleven weeks to go and four weeks since I left Indiana. It’s almost hard to fathom. Not sure I’ve yet to fully wrap my head around it all. Maybe I won’t ever. I… Continue reading

Day 27

When I first saw Lake Como, my eyes immediately widened taking in all the beauty. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains lies a beautiful water formation with cute little towns lining the mountains and sloping… Continue reading

Day 26

Oh what a day. I failed. A lot. Not quite sure where my head has been but I haven’t been quite myself and theres been many lessons learned that I hopefully will carry… Continue reading

Day 25

With growling tumbles ripping across my stomach and the urge to read outside in the beautiful weather, I grabbed a sandwich at I Duefratellini and headed to the river. I needed to feel… Continue reading

Day 24

Pounding rain falling on the rooftops and sitting here substantially full from class. My taste buds are still smiling from the risotto bicolore e soufflé di cioccolato. Risotto takes time but it’s beyond… Continue reading

Day 23

I love when I wake up in a good mood. It’s a refreshing change and usually means of a good day in store. So far my theory has held true. I made new… Continue reading

Day 22

A day filled with homework, classes, adventures, and new friends is becoming pretty typical. Always different but the generality seems to be building a pattern. For psych, we took a field trip to… Continue reading

Day 21

I definitely woke up counting in Italian this morning. That’s a good sign right? I finished Heaven is for Real this afternoon. My mind is still wrapping itself around everything within those pages… Continue reading

Day 20

I think I fascinate people. And I’m not saying this in a conceded way just from my own personal observations. I’ve noticed people staring at me or watching me and not in a… Continue reading

Day 19

My art history book came to life before me today. Steph and I had the best time exploring more of Florence. From setting off the alarm at the Uffizi (on accident) to finding… Continue reading

Day 18

It’s the little things. Something Suzie and I bond over and remind each other of our appreciation for life, every aspect of it. We had quite the findings of some of the coolest… Continue reading

Day 17

Nothing quite like starting my day in Milva’s cooking class. Its even a 9 am and I look forward to waking up for it. Crowded around aluminum tables, sounds of dishes being washed,… Continue reading

Day 16

Well I should definitely be doing homework right now, but I’m sure with my procrastination and night owl ways, I’ll get it done just fine. I’m in the midst of applying for LdM… Continue reading

Day 15

Before I get into my day, I would like to give a moment and prayers for Mamaw Frieda. She passed away today and I wish more than anything I could be there with… Continue reading

Day 14

Just a lazy Sunday and exactly what I needed. I embarked on the quest of my first attempt at laundry here…I think I succeeded? It’s definitely questionable. But I did feel like a… Continue reading

Day 13

Is it allowed to experience your dream vacation at age 20? As I sat on coral covered rocks with salty waves crashing over me overlooking the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, I could only… Continue reading

Day 12

What do you call that moment where your phone background becomes a living reality? After no sleep and train adventures (and fines…oops), we finally made it to Monterosso, the first of the five… Continue reading

Day 11

Bags are packed and I’m headed to Cinque Terre with Suzie and Tara in a few short hours!! I’m beyond excited to explore the beautiful coast and experience the bright colors I’ve heard… Continue reading

Day 10

First week of classes officially complete! As much as people think my classes are joke and that I’m basically on a vacation this semester, wrong. I can already tell my classes are going… Continue reading

Day 9

Frank Sinatra, breeze blowing in from the open balcony doors, and eating my first dinner I made myself. Of course an experiment of flavors and ingredients presented itself and behold a bed of… Continue reading

Day 8

First day of classes…except they didn’t begin until 4:30…now that’s an adjustment. I had Italian and Social Psychology. Both I enjoyed immensely. For an introductory course, I think I’m really going to learn… Continue reading

Day 7

I’m in the midst of trying to get my life in order after what feels like a week vacation in beautiful Tuscany. But as I sit here in my bed, window open, and… Continue reading

Day 6

I think my taste buds are still tingling. I experienced some of the most amazing food yet and at what better place than a castle. With a field trip to Castello di Verrazzano… Continue reading

Day 5

The sound of tires turning over streets after a morning rain rang through my ears on my walk home this morning. The beginning bustle of Florence surrounded me, and for the first time… Continue reading

Day 4

I think I have seen more tourists than Italians. I just had my first lone exploration where I ended up just circling the same block several times, widening a bit more each time.… Continue reading

Day 3

My first full day. Oh what a day. Sienna and San Gimignano field trip and my official love for Tuscany has been born. Sienna was gorgeous and I must go back. I feel… Continue reading

Day 2

Finally Florence! My long awaited arrival to my new home is finally here. It still feels like a dream. My head is spinning trying to catch up on the overload of stimulus and… Continue reading