Day 1

I can’t stop smiling. As I sit here on the plane with my baby bottle of Grenache Merlot, my heart, mind, and soul is filled with such happiness and excitement. I can hardly believe my dream is actually coming true. My journey has officially begun and I don’t have the slightest idea what to expect. Precisely what I want – no expectations and an open mind. With that combination mixed with some common sense, the possibilities are endless and adventures await. Of course, the adventures have already come about. Instead of the Atlantic below me, I’m supposed to have the Firenze streets out my window. Even with a delayed flight thanks to a bird, there is no doubt in my mind this current agenda was always the one that truly was supposed to happen. Spending the night in the Newark Marriott, I have had the pleasure to reallllllly get to know everyone in my group and it has been just bundles of fun. Yes bundles. We all have staggering personalities, but it works because the one thing it seems we have in common is that we’re carefree, fun, and open. Life has a beautiful, sometimes confusing, way of working itself out. I trust it with everything I have. With trust and excitement, my journey unfolds. Onward.