Day 2

Finally Florence! My long awaited arrival to my new home is finally here. It still feels like a dream. My head is spinning trying to catch up on the overload of stimulus and unexpected events. Instead of arriving around 2 pm as planned, myself and two of my roommates were the lucky ones to be put on a later flight to Florence than the rest of the group…as in a five hour layover. Yet another reason no expectations is officially my motto for the semester. Luckily Zurich has a rather enjoyable airport with this amazing little market where we ate lunch and I ordered my first beer…oh I love Europe. Once on the plane, I again lucked out and sat next to a girl who might be in my photography class. Small world, eh?

All I want to do is speak Italian and explore. My apartment is amazing…I think. Because we had such a late flight we were rushed to our apartment, given a glance of a tour, and hurried instructions. My landlord is Freddy. He’s seems great…I should get to know him and his story. We were then rushed to dinner where the rest of the group was already waiting on us. Okay rushed really only applied to the apartment part. Walking to dinner, Luca kept apologizing for having to sprint to the restaurant. Here’s the thing, his version of sprinting is my version of a stroll. I need to slow down. It was my first major realization of the Italian lifestyle that I want/need to adopt. I’m sure I will need reminding.

Dinner was fantastic and an epic night followed. Everything’s still a blur and still feels as if a dream. Walking by the Duomo tonight, it looked like a picture and I almost had to slap myself to wake up. Fortunately, I don’t have to because this is officially my reality and everyday an adventure…