Day 5

The sound of tires turning over streets after a morning rain rang through my ears on my walk home this morning. The beginning bustle of Florence surrounded me, and for the first time I felt a bit what it was like to actually be a Florentine rather than a tourist. It was a refreshing way to start my day. It’s been an amazing day so far and it’s only 15:15…yes European time…I like it. Milva took us to the central market this morning. I love this woman. I could live there. It’s open six days a week and I shall be there as much as possible and do the majority of my shopping there. Ah I can’t wait because I just got a sneak peak today. I tried Tripe for the first time…cow’s stomach…soooo yummy. Milva proceeded to take us to the best Truffle shop in Florence where we had these little delicious sandwiches filled with a white truffle cream and another with truffle, duck, and goat patte (liver) both delicious and the perfect amount. Luca met us there and we then headed to a café and had an afternoon caffe macciatto and delicious treats. Our Florence walking tour ended in specialty market filled with the best olive oils and balsamics. Again I am in love.

I stopped and looked at the Duomo for the first time. The intricacy, beauty, and depth of every square inch marvels me with every turn of my head. I reached out and stroked the stone and varying shades of marble to increase my sensory memory. It’s just incredible. I plan on going to mass there Sunday and I am beyond excited to experience the beauty and tradition of the catholic faith rather than look from a far.

A relaxing evening is in store. Maybe a glass of wine and my pecorino cheese dabbled in balsamic overlooking the small courtyard outside my window? I never want to forget these feelings. Even the cool breeze gently dancing across my face and the sun beaming against the green shutters surrounding our balcony doors. These are the moments and days. Each truly is a new adventure and a new finding. Until next time….

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