Day 7

I’m in the midst of trying to get my life in order after what feels like a week vacation in beautiful Tuscany. But as I sit here in my bed, window open, and a fresh rain pounding onto the rooftops outside my window, it’s starting to feel bit by bit more as this is more than a vacation. I think when I cook my first meal, do laundry, and clean I will officially feel at home. I finally slept in for a very very long time today. I needed the sleep and what better way than on a Sunday when Italy closes down to go to church, spend time with family, and relax. I’m going to church at the Duomo at 18:00 tonight and I am beyond excited. I feel as that will truly be a surreal experience. I’m not sure I have ever been so excited for classes to start. All I want is to get in a routine but I know as soon as I get into it, I will want to break it or spice it up. Why am I so strange? So much anticipation is building. So much to find and see. And this is still only the beginning. Onward…..

Annnnnnnd continued…..I went to mass and it was a surreal experience. The acoustics alone were incredible. The mass was in Italian but I knew where we were for the most part and luckily there was a little booklet where I could follow along and halfway speak the prayers aloud. My new goal for the semester is to learn the Italian for all the parts of the mass and have it memorized so that I can fully participate and take it all in. Still incredible and I can’t wait to try out other churches in Firenze as well. Peace was my favorite part.

Spur of the moment we had a family dinner tonight at the other girl’s apartment. I helped Steph with the dinner after I wandered around for an hour trying to find a place to buy bread and cheese. As much as they say Florence or Italy closes down on Sundays the streets were still filled and it seemed to be the day of shopping for all because those are the only type stores open. After getting lost majorly, I finally made it back to their apartment. I loved having the dinner with everyone and we realized it was exactly one week ago that we met everyone. Only a week blows my mind. I feel that I have known the group or more like my family here forever. I sat on the window seal with a glass of wine overlooking the streets with the sweetest old man playing the accordion in the background and felt truly at peace with my first week away. So much more is to come and every waking moment is one I want to cherish. What is yet to come, I do not know but I trust with all my heart it’s life working as it must.

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