Day 8

First day of classes…except they didn’t begin until 4:30…now that’s an adjustment. I had Italian and Social Psychology. Both I enjoyed immensely. For an introductory course, I think I’m really going to learn a great deal in my Italian class. We were also given a survival guide of words which I will now try and learn/memorize. I forgot how much I loved psychology. My professor is the college counselor and fantastic. Already I can tell the class and material is going to test me from an introspective standpoint and force me to analyze the varying relationships in my life. Maybe it will trigger something I’ve been avoiding but need to release.

I went in to Milva and Luca’s office this morning to switch into the cooking class and just chat. It was a beyond wonderful way to start my day and those two alone make me so appreciative that I chose this program. I also had my first lone market adventure! Finally fresh food that is all my own to create and cherish! I can’t wait to spend hours and hours within the walls.

A welcome reception in a palace tonight and I’m sure random adventures to follow…