Day 9

Frank Sinatra, breeze blowing in from the open balcony doors, and eating my first dinner I made myself. Of course an experiment of flavors and ingredients presented itself and behold a bed of fresh lettuce lay beneath sautéed yellow peppers, onions, and sun-dried tomatoes topped with a bed of spaghetti sprinkled with spices found in my cabinet, all tossed in olive oil and salt. The mix of textures from the crisp lettuce and burst of crushed red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes somehow combine into a unique experience. I can hear faint voices drifting in from the neighboring homes and feel more at peace than I have all day. It’s finally feeling like home. I walked out my doorstep this evening and one after another I saw two people I knew. That brought a smile to my face. Florence really is not that big and I’m starting to find my way and relax a bit more as I walk.

I had a bit of an off day today. It was as if things weren’t clicking in my head and I was holding myself back a bit. A nap helped but I need to start stretching myself more. I’m excited to start exploring the city and going to museums. Now I just need to go do it. I know it takes time and adjustment but I think I need to start pushing myself and stop overthinking everything. This helps.

First photography course today…five hours long…of lecture…slightly miserable but I’m beyond excited to dive in. My professor seems great as well and holds the potential to learn eons from him. I truly want to read all the material and even the suggested readings. My mind already began dancing around possible themes I want to create within shots I take. It’s not just taking a picture. There’s meaning behind it and many times a large orchestration/production. This course will challenge me to think in a new way but one I think is ready to be unlocked. I sense further implications and benefits spurring from this class and I can’t wait until they unfold.

Suzie and I are planning a trip to Cinque Terre and Pisa this weekend. Hiking, beach, and adventure await.

And now there’s a saxophone playing out my window…pure bliss.