Day 11

Bags are packed and I’m headed to Cinque Terre with Suzie and Tara in a few short hours!! I’m beyond excited to explore the beautiful coast and experience the bright colors I’ve heard so much about. Speaking of exploring, I did some major lone wandering today and it was fantastic. I documented this exploration though. With my camera around my neck, I captured Florence through a lens. I took the slow Italian pace and found some real gems…as in this amazing art gallery nuzzled into a small street. Gazing at a statue of Donatello, the realization that I walk the same streets as the brilliant people that we dedicate so much of our knowledge to washed over me. I also made the trek up to Piazze Michelangelo to watch the sun set over the entire city I now call home. As I gazed from above with shades of pink and lavender coating the sky, I could hardly wrap my head around the reality. My night ended with a delicious dinner at a restaurant Milva recommended with Tara and Steph. I’m thoroughly enjoying how late we eat dinner here. It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax. Until next time…ciao…

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