Day 13

Is it allowed to experience your dream vacation at age 20? As I sat on coral covered rocks with salty waves crashing over me overlooking the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, I could only smile and thank God for this beautiful opportunity. A day spent by the sea, lounging on rocks, and making new friends, it was the perfect day to unwind and even out the backpack awkward tan lines from the day before. Again I swam in the Mediterranean and explored the beautiful water that I could have spent hours in. We made our own picnic with fresh melon, prosciutto, pecorino cheese, and pesto fresco from this small little market and enjoyed the flavors of the area and season. I loved most of all not rushing and just taking things as they came. No worries and only enjoyment. It served to be the perfect day and I could not be happier spending it with Tara and Suzie. I think I get along with them best and it just works out perfectly that we all go to IU. We already started planning out weekly get-togethers and dinners. Hopefully we’ll be able to speak Italian at them…hopefully.

Arriving back in Florence was exciting and the most at home I’ve felt yet! It truly is becoming home. The exciting part is that there’s still so much yet to explore and uncover. On top of the perfection of the day and getaway, Robbie and I decided to officialize things and I honestly couldn’t be happier or more at ease. The love I have for life, the people in my life, and all that is to come truly cannot be expressed through words. Life is quite the beauty and I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it unfolds…Onward.