Day 14

Just a lazy Sunday and exactly what I needed. I embarked on the quest of my first attempt at laundry here…I think I succeeded? It’s definitely questionable. But I did feel like a true Italian as my “dryer” was letting my clothes dry in the sun on the balcony. With the scent of clean clothes drifting into the living room, I got caught up on life and again loved not having a strict agenda. I hoped to go to a Santa Maria Novella for mass today but I got the impression that there’s not mass there until October so I made my way back to the Duomo last minute. I loved it but I still want to learn the Italian for it. I keep saying it so I guess I should act on it. Okay googling it now. After church I came home ready to make myself dinner using my pesto fresco from Cinque Terre aka heaven on earth. Keeping it simple I just sautéed onions, boiled pasta, and poured on the pesto. Complimented by white wine I enjoyed the flavors and music at my kitchen table. It truly has been the perfect weekend and I’m excited to begin a new week!