Day 15

Before I get into my day, I would like to give a moment and prayers for Mamaw Frieda. She passed away today and I wish more than anything I could be there with everyone. I know she knows this and is smiling down over me. She, along with all those I love, is with me every day here and I’m beyond blessed to have this love around me.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve only been here two weeks. It seems like so much longer, which I don’t mind at all. I know time will start to fly before I can barely blink. I’m getting really good at having the “look” and ignoring people. Most people on the street selling things don’t approach me and it’s a way you weave and hold yourself that shows your answer so they don’t even have to waste a breath. I’ve had to get to a mindset where you act like some people and things don’t exist before your eyes. I’m not sure that I like that I’ve gotten this way but in a way it’s just part of the life here. My happiness is definitely at an all-time high just in general. I feel comfortable here walking around and love just doing my own thing. Tonight, right at this moment, all my closest friends are out but I just wasn’t in the mood. I walked over to hang out with them a bit and then sent them on their merry way. It felt great actually. Instead I wanted gelato. I casually strolled the Italian way, taking all the sights and night air in, to Festival del Gelato. A friend from home recommended it and it was quite yummy. I continued my wandering through the streets and ended up at the Duomo for a wee bit. Smiling. Just so happy and appreciative of every moment I’ve been able to experience thus far. And realizing there’s so much more still to come and discover. As I made my way back home, an Italian guy started speaking to me in Italian asking if I was Italian or if I spoke Italian…not really sure because I was trying to do my whole ignoring thing but for some reason I decided not to and actually talked to him…in English…I’ll get there one day…but I’m actually really glad I spoke to him. We had a very nice chat and when I got to my apartment, he shook my hand and went on his way. He actually wasn’t the creepy Italian man everyone thinks of and instead just a friendly, polite guy on his way home from work.

I signed up for yoga club this morning…this shall be interesting…and a challenge which is precisely why I chose that one. Well and it’s exercise and relaxation. It will literally and figuratively stretch me but I’m excited! Again only the beginning of week three and plenty more to come. It’s crazy when you love life how much it can love you back…Onward.