Day 17

Nothing quite like starting my day in Milva’s cooking class. Its even a 9 am and I look forward to waking up for it. Crowded around aluminum tables, sounds of dishes being washed, and the clanking of equipment puts me right at home as we begin listening to Milva lecture on the history of Italian cuisine in our kitchen/classroom. It reminds me of my kitchen table time with Dad as he stands cooking and we talk for hours. I got my first apron =] once that was on, we broke up into groups and dove into our dishes for the day. Involtini di tacchino al prosciutto and Panna cotta. Wrapping sliced zucchini and scamorza cheese within flatted turkey and rolled in slices of prosciutto, we then sautéed fresh spinach in olive oil and garlic, laid the rolls onto the greens, drizzled a little cream on top, and baked in the oven…mmmm. The panna cotta proved to be simple swiveling cream, sugar, and fresh vanilla beans into a base to cool and set. We then created fresh strawberry and blackberry sauces to design around the sweet flan. The creaminess was set perfectly against the acidic, tart fruit flavors. Milva also teaches us the presentation of dishes to the point where the beauty of the food creates an internal debate of whether to preserve the art or experience the fullness of flavors and taste. Obviously taste always wins for me but my appreciation for the visual appeal is growing.

I’m getting more and more comfortable at the market and I wish I could just transport it with me back home come December. I also experienced the best pizza I’ve had to date. Pretty sure my mouth is still tingling and rejoicing from the combination of flavors and perfection of consistency. Gustapizza will have my heart for years.

My wine business and marketing class still excites me and I’m so glad I took this class. It’s kind of ironic that my one class that I don’t receive any credit for will probably be the most beneficial. We found out our groups for our huge project where we have to create our own wine distributing company annnnnnd guess who’s CEO for my group…again so much excitement =]