Day 18

It’s the little things. Something Suzie and I bond over and remind each other of our appreciation for life, every aspect of it. We had quite the findings of some of the coolest aspects of Florence I had yet to experience. There’s a leather school inside Santa Croce…very unexpected and hidden but brilliantly wonderful. The smell of leather surrounded us as we finally weaved ourselves enough to find the sculoa del cuoio. I’ve never seen such beautiful or felt so soft material. Pretty sure my eyes were wide open and I could have been drooling…maybe. It almost melted around your skin. You could watch them make different items too. And talk to students and workers. It’s such an art and tedious, unique process. I want a leather jacket…except I have to win the lottery to do that. It would be a top priority purchase in such an occasion.

I stumbled across the most beautiful sunset tonight. I looked up as I was on my way to meet Steph and Suzie for Appertivo and saw a glimpse of the most vibrant gold and pink. Instantly I knew I had to get to the river. As I approached the bridge, I gasped at the brilliant colors swimming around and through the clouds. A warming surge of happiness and awe shot through me as I climbed onto the bridge edge and sat for more than 20 minutes taking in every hue and dropping of the sun.

America needs to take some tips from Italy. One being the concept of Appertivo. You buy a glass of wine or a beer for roughly €5 and then set on the bar is an array of delicious appetizers with no limit of helpings. It’s genius and everywhere here. Where we went tonight, was in a cute piazza that was randomly projecting Pirates of the Caribbean on the side of a building. Once again pure bliss.

I broke my computer today. I shouldn’t be allowed to use electronics. BUT I’m sure everything will work out and be just fine. I’ll get by and figure it out. It really is the little things in life that make every day unique and gives a purpose and excitement. Just have to open your eyes and mind to them…