Day 19

My art history book came to life before me today. Steph and I had the best time exploring more of Florence. From setting off the alarm at the Uffizi (on accident) to finding the best (and fun) wine deal to creating beyond delicious food from the market to again another beautiful sunset, it was quite the day. We only got through half of one floor of the Uffizi but our museum passes are magic and I can’t wait to go back and relive art from centuries ago. It’s so nice to not have to cram it all into one day because I think it might be impossible. Fall weather set in a bit today and yesterday, so pulling on my boots for the first time this season was quite a moment. Not sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to warm weather but hopefully I won’t have to just quite yet.

I’m so glad I decided to just stay in Florence this weekend. The relaxation and new discoveries is exactly what I need. Onward.