Day 20

I think I fascinate people. And I’m not saying this in a conceded way just from my own personal observations. I’ve noticed people staring at me or watching me and not in a “checking me out” way but in pure curiousity of what is this girl doing. Sometimes it makes me chuckle. Yes I’m weird and don’t do conventional things and look at life differently than most which I think shows on my face because apparantly every thought and/or emotion I have displays for the world to see. Anywho. This happened today on my run/exploration. It was the most beautiful day and I had to get outside. I just started running not really knowing where I was going or where I would end up. As much as I hate running, it felt great and was a new way to see and experience Florence. Running along the river, I decided to stop and take in my surrpundings while across the bridge. I found grass!! And people fishing and enjoying the day’s beauty. I stopped and people watched as they cast their rods and let myself fully feel the wind surround me. I let my thoughts dance as freely as the sun as it glistened against the water. Continuing on, I also stumbled upon this dam/reservoir in the middle of the river. I climbed down and walked across, soaking in a new view of my new home. I can’t wait to go back with books and let my mind drift. It might be an escape and a reminder of home. I find a lot of those. I see the ones I love in so many different situations. Whether in people I meet, places I know they would love, or just the random popcorn of thoughts and reminders, I love knowing everyone is here with me and everywhere I go always.

I also love not having an agenda. Walking slowly, even stopping in my tracks to look more intently at something or randomly deciding to go into a little shop or church. It’s a beautiful way of life that I needed more than I realized. It’s so easy to storm past something because we’re on such a time crunch but really what does it hurt to slow down for a second. Will you be that overwhelmed? Life will go on. I need to make sure to remind myself of this when I get back to the states. I’m so guilty of it but it brings a deeper appreciation of life and new discoverings.

Hiked up to the Piazza de Michelangelo again tonight with Steph, Michael, and Chelsie to watch the sunset. As we sat on stairs overlooking the city and listening to live music, I couldn’t help but feel an astounding love for everything and everyone in my love. All my experiences amaze me and each one brings a new and deeper appreciation for the past, present, and future.