Day 21

I definitely woke up counting in Italian this morning. That’s a good sign right?

I finished Heaven is for Real this afternoon. My mind is still wrapping itself around everything within those pages but what keeps creeping to the top of my thoughts is the concept of faith. And trust. Two things I’ve been centering around this past year and especially these last couple months. Faith and trust kind of go hand in hand. Faith that life will unfold as its meant to. Faith that everything happens for a reason. Faith that people are placed into our lives for a reason. And faith in the timing of everything. I’ve been using the term trust when talking about all of the above. Trust trust trust. But it’s faith, and trust in that faith. It took this book to make the connection. I’ve had such a strong feeling of trust in my heart, soul, and mind going forward with all my decisions and happenings around me. I think I’ve had to. But it’s almost hard to express how strongly these feelings have been guiding me in what is the right decision or action or even the words I speak to others. And I’ve been trusting it. Because whether it’s God working through me or showing me the way, I’m listening and giving my love for life and my trust that all I’m experiencing, all that I have experienced, will continue to lead me into what I’m meant to do. And the same goes with everyone in my life. Even though it might not make sense, even though it could be painful or hard, there is a reason and one day if their eyes are open, it will be revealed why. Onward.