Day 23

I love when I wake up in a good mood. It’s a refreshing change and usually means of a good day in store. So far my theory has held true.

I made new friends in my photography class and had my photos critiqued for the first time. My professor gave me really good feedback (and liked my photos…score) but he also wants me to challenge and push myself with my subjects and creativity and working on capturing the perfect moment, expression, or angle. It’s exciting and I already look at the world in a new way. I love all the opportunities I’m having to express my artistic side and finding an art in all I do. It’s been very soulful.

And then there’s yoga. A challenge I’m so happy I’ve accepted. It was a relaxation i had never felt before an one I want to find again. The yoga we do in my class is all about becoming in tune with your body, breathing, and the space around you. I have a feeling it’s going to help me discover more about myself and push me to look deeper into who I am.

I think tonight was the earliest I’ve eaten dinner here. My body is still so confused on this new time I live in…

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out graced its presence among Florence tonight. Now I’ve never been that into fashion but I fully embraced it tonight and was basically drooling over the clothes surrounding me. Everything and everyone was beautiful. The streets were filled and every store offered free cocktails and an invitation to browse. We accepted and had zee best time. I love Florence!