Day 24

Pounding rain falling on the rooftops and sitting here substantially full from class. My taste buds are still smiling from the risotto bicolore e soufflé di cioccolato. Risotto takes time but it’s beyond worth the tender care and wait. To achieve the bicolore, we made a spinach and a pumpkin risotto. Also big day because I learned how to make stock. So easy but so useful. With the flavors of shallots, pumpkin, a bay leaf, and taleggio cheese, the warming orange dish came to life. As its compliment, spinach with onion and grana cheese tied the savory fall flavors together and gave a perfect contrasting green appeal for the eyes. As the creaminess of the the released starches and butter set against the pallet, the perfection of al dente rice brought just the right amount of altering textures. As if you could imagine eating anything else, the soufflé basically begged you to dive your spoon into the cioccolato treat if only to find the perfectly creamy center. Yes please.

I’m sore…I think from yoga…wasn’t expecting that…or at least in the places I’m sore.

It hasn’t rained much here but I like it today. The refreshing crisp air, muffled sound of raindrops, and dark tone sky create a calm, relaxing sensation I’m every space. All I want is to curl up on the couch with a good book or even journal. I truly am loving writing everyday and expressing my jumbled mess of thoughts into some form of readery. Even orchestrating the words to sometimes have a melodic flow. I had never thought of writing as fun but that’s a definite change in my life now.

Speaking of words, I think I’m going to try and practice my Italian with Milva and Luca. I need to amp up my vocabulary and effort in learning. I also just need to get out of this apartment more. I think I’m becoming too attached. I’ve been here for over three weeks now. I’m still adjusting but I’m not sure that will ever not be the case. That’s a bit how everyday is though no matter where you are. Or at least that’s what I think it should be. Everyday push to learn or experience something new. Always growing. Always opening the mind more and more to find new possibilities or a new way to see things. Adjustment is necessary and needed and an interesting process. I just have to remind myself of this each day. Onward.