Day 25

With growling tumbles ripping across my stomach and the urge to read outside in the beautiful weather, I grabbed a sandwich at I Duefratellini and headed to the river. I needed to feel the sun against my skin and activate my mind with words and gorgeous view of my new city. Nothing was more perfect than the triangle ledge off the bridge. Alone in my own little world. Some wonderful person left the Hunger Games in my apartment so that has already begun to captivate me.

Feeling revitalized, I made my way to meet up for my first volunteer activity! Today was with Fondazione Angeli del Bello. We made our way to Piazza San Marco to beautify Florence and show our love for the city. It was only me and another guy from LdM but once there, we were joined by other volunteers from the community. All ranges of ages but everyone was so happy and nice. As confused as I was with social cues and language barriers, I loved every minute of it. Cleaning off graffiti and trying to communicate was quite the task but beyond fun and I can’t wait until I can hold a conversation. None the less it was great and Moj and I are going to try and go every giovedì!

I ate my first rabbit. Good thing I’m not an animal person because it was delicious and definitely lived up to Milva’s hype. Bad thing Was that it was all fried. Delicious but I don’t know the last time I had fried food and not so sure my stomach is very happy for me. Luckily Sprite was invented and is currently providing great comfort.

I’m off to Milan and Lake Como in the morning with Suzie and one of her friends!!!! Another fashionista of a day as Fashion Week concludes tomorrow and then boating and more adventures =] I think greatness may be in store. Onward.