Day 26

Oh what a day. I failed. A lot. Not quite sure where my head has been but I haven’t been quite myself and theres been many lessons learned that I hopefully will carry forward. I went to the police station so guess I can cross that off my bucket list. And it wasn’t all bad by any means. I made it through just fine all in all and glad I got to experience Milan just for a day. Only a day.It made me extremely appreciative that I chose to study in Florence. It’s much more me. The duomo was beautiful. I think someone told me it took over 600 years to build. I found this little beautiful courtyard behind a church where Leonardo da Vinci spent a lot of time and it helped calm my uneasiness and stress of the first half of my day. My debit card wouldn’t work so I had zero cash and I didn’t bring my passport so unless I went to the police station to fill out forms, I would have been homeless in a strange city. But I got everything taken care of and again, many lessons learned. It was fun walking around the fashion district but everything was so expensive that it was almost sickening. I’m going to go with overall an interesting day. Yes. Okay time for onward.