Day 27

When I first saw Lake Como, my eyes immediately widened taking in all the beauty. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains lies a beautiful water formation with cute little towns lining the mountains and sloping down to the water. With another eventful day ahead, we took the ferry over to Menaggio and found out hostel/apartment which I’m in love with. I rode in a car for the first time since I’ve been there. That’s one thing I loved about being in Menaggio; it felt like people actually lived there. Yes there were some tourists but it felt homey and I could see people going about their daily lives. We got to stay in the adorable little apartment owned by Fabio where he told us his and the hostel’s story on the ride to the apartment. He and his friends saved the hostel and their generously and genuine service shown bright in everyday throughout the weekend.

He suggested we go to Bellagio aka the town they named the Las Vegas hotel for aka where George Clooney has a house. And again it was adorable. Definitely more touristy but it was fun winding our way through shops and sitting on the waters edge watching boats pass. I decided to wade through the water walking towards the sun. I just had to be in the water somehow. There really is something about the water that just instantly puts me at ease.

The rest of the evening wasn’t quite as planned but I need to remember my no expectations mindset. The sunset was beautiful and perfect sitting by the water with a bottle of wine and talking about life with Suzie and London. I was antsy though. I’ve been having a major surge of wanting to explore run through my blood lately…anywho there was a BBQ at the hostel for everyone where we met 4 guys…okay triplets and their friend…from Israel and spent our night becoming friends and learning about their lives and Israel. They tried teaching me Hebrew which I apparently failed at.

All this traveling and meeting people who are doing the same only excites me for traveling the rest of my life and the adventures that I know are waiting…