Day 29

I didn’t realize how much I missed Florence until I was walking through the streets today. I hadn’t even been on some of the streets but the familiarity of look and feel, knowing just a couple streets over I could look up and see the Duomo. I went to find a computer store and ended up walking in circles and when I finally found it, it was closed for the week. Got me out of my apartment though. And I stumbled across Kilroy. I finished the Hunger Games. I was reminded of how much I love reading and getting lost in a book but I was also reminded why I don’t read for enjoyment at school. I can’t stop and at IU I can’t afford that kind of time frequently. I’ve needed this semester for rejuvenation of my mind, body, and soul. I think I’m definitely in the process but I’ve had a enough rest and I need to get moving. There’s so much here for me to experience and I will be so mad at myself if I let that time slip away. I can still read for fun but I need to be out in the air taking everything in the process. My time here will be gone before I know it and I must take full advantage of it again. It’s exciting and I think it’s time to start a new chapter here. Onward.