Day 31

Good news. No panting and not toooo rapid of a heart beat after making it up the stairs and into my apartment tonight. Definite improvement but now new goal of being able to run up the four flights by the end of the semester with no panting. We’ll see….

Love is a crazy thing. All its different forms and strengths but when it’s true, the energy it creates in everything you do is almost unfathomable. But here’s the thing you have to embrace it and let yourself feel. The love I have for everyone in my life, this opportunity in Florence, random adventures, IU, and life is surrounding me with such an intensity. I want to fully embrace it and then exude it back because no matter your life, everyone deserves to feel love in their life.

Fully embracing my day and just letting life come to me, I felt rejuvenated and alive. I cannot wait to test out all the recipes from my cooking class when I get home. They seem so simple yet full of just the right amount of flavor. Looking into the Arno sitting on a bridge with Mumford & Sons floating through the air, the reflection of the city and ripples created by bursts of wind sent chills through my body. Already a month in and it’s still hard to wrap my head around that I’m living, actually living, in Florence…