Day 32

It’s a small small world. Tonight Tara, Suzie, and I had basically a blind date with Tara’s friend’s friend who is also studying in Florence and invited us over for a dessert and wine night with all her friends. Turns out we already knew all of her roommates. We had met them in Cinque Terre and spent the day with them on the beach. Apart from all the connections, all the girls were awesome and go to University of San Diego. I love when life works in these ways.

We had a family outing today for Gelato. Milva and Luca treated us all and it was so good to be with everyone again. It had been too long. Milva and Luca told us all about the spring semester and it sounds complete opposite of my experience. 150 students and Milva and Luca running around like mad people.

So many reinforcements that life is unfolding just as it should and that I need to continue to trust that in every way. Onward.