Day 34

Getting cleaning supplies may have been the most exciting part of my day. It’s a bit strange how much I enjoy cleaning. After scrubbing down every inch of my room and the bathroom, I couldn’t help but beam with happiness. A similar happiness I had when I made a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch. A comforting feeling of home surrounded me as I ate. Peanut better is a real rarity here so finding it was such an accomplishment and something I will ration and savor from here on.

This evening may go down as one of my favorites. Moving from my high of cleaning, I made my way into the kitchen. Music playing and belting tunes, I created quite the concoction. There’s just something in hearing the sound of sizzling ingredients in a skillet and a spatula in my hand that just clears my mind and lifts the soul.
Without a doubt today has been filled with the little things that merge home and my new home into a perfect harmony.