Day 36

I let myself be a tourist today. It was only fitting as I gave my version of the Florence tour to the gals. I shared my market love and we ended up gathering food for a picnic to hike up to the Piazzale del Michelangelo for lunch and the breathtaking views. One, I loved having everyone with here me. And two, I loved reliving the city I’ve come to know this past month. We walked and walked and walked. Typical right? There’s so much to see and take in but I think they got a sense of my life here and the major landmarks. I left them at the Scuola di Cuoio to head to my classes and then met back up for dinner. Several times we had the issue of places being closed on Monday but finally settled into Ristorante La Spada. Sharing risotto con gorgonzola e asparagi, tortellini de medici, vendure miste, and the Florence favorite bistecca fiorentina, our stomachs were filled with the most perfect amount of deliciousness and joy. The perfect ending to another wonderful day in Firenze.