Day 37

Another day in passing. Another day to learn and grow. Sometimes the days seems to blur together and I lose track of time. In a way I guess I’ve gotten into a routine but more just the skeleton of the week with each day embodied by something new. A new meal created for dinner. A new observation while walking around the city. A new Italian word learned or heard. Some things so subtle, it’s hard to notice but they’re there. It’s a matter of keeping my eyes open and my head aloft. I was in a random, weird, almost slap happy mood today but I think that’s more common than not. My mind is a strange strange place that luckily entertains me most of the time. It’s nice having yoga to quiet it for a little bit and allow my body to go into complete stillness. Not only does it stretch my muscles but my mind to let go and only concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Maybe I can start doing it more on my own. I guess only time will tell and unfold as it should.