Day 38

Six buses, a winery,gelato, and I’m finally home. An eventful day may be an understatement. Not my usual Wednesday beginning with having to miss my cooking class in order to get finger printed at the police station to become legally allowed to love in Italy. No Italian class either. I had a field trip for Wine Business and Marketing. We journeyed out south of Florence through rolling hills on bus #1 of the day to a little winery. The simple, rustic facilities nestled below their vines and olive trees, the wine making process I have been learning about was brought to life. We tasted the wine at different stages and even sampled the grapes themselves. I loved the intimate setting and the husband and wife who owned and ran the business were adorable. Their dedication and love for their lives created such a desirable vibe and even more inspiration to find my passion and live and share it with the one I love. By far one of the best and most beneficial classes I’ve had.

Beyond excited to have a night without late classes, I called mom to check in and made the rash decision to meet them in San Gimignano for dinner, gelato, and small exploration of the beautiful walled city. Definitely not our brightest decision but I figured I would be able to wing it smoothly as always. Wrong. While the first leg of the journey began just fine as I got to read the hunger games and look up only to see the rolling hills of Tuscany out the window, when I got dropped off at a random bus stop in an unfamiliar city, my first lone excursion through Italy took a turn. Wandering and searching for the bus station, I became very lost and did everything in my power to keep myself calm. Half an hour later and three stops for directions, I finally found the station and the bus to San Gimignano. Stepping onto the bus, some relief washed over me. And then my phone rang. As I talked to mom I turned around and there behold was Carol. I sat there in disbelief for a second. Somehow I ended up on their same bus coming from Siena. How many times must I be reminded that everything happens for a reason and everything will unfold as it should? Complete relief set in and even though I knew so many things went askew and we would only have a short time in San Gimignano, I was with those I love venturing out and creating everlasting memories. Onward.