Day 73

I’ve missed blogging. I got stuck in a rut of being behind and I just can’t do it any longer. I am in need of processing. I am in need of expressing all my experiences and thoughts to make the most of these last 5 and a half weeks. I still want to go back and blog from the past month. I had things written for many days. but they were lost along with my phone. There’s a part of me that thinks maybe the past weeks were just supposed to live in my memory and that only. But there’s the other portion of myself that knows they are memories I want to hold on to forever and transcribe the emotions, visuals, and travels. No expectations right? I definitely had the expectation and the goal to blog everyday. I’m still in need of figuring things out. I was hoping to keep things in a logical order for clarity sake, but I think I’m going to have to look past that notion. For now I must move forward and enjoy. Time is dwindling here which brings bittersweet emotions. I know I will be overjoyed to step off that plane and back to America, to see all the amazing people in my life, and bring my new experiences and views in all that I do here on, but I will miss aspects of my life here, the adventures, the ease of traveling, the precious ingredients, Milva, and Luca. I know they will always be with me though. And while I have just a short amount of time left, it still is substantial and up until the day I leave, there are endless possibilities and adventures awaiting.

Speaking of adventures, today was amazing. Beginning my day, once again, with my cooking class and leaving overly full from Beef Tagliata with rucola and Parmesan and Cipolle ripiene. My taste buds were swooning from the flavorful fiorentina steak and rich, sweetest of onions stuffed with cheese and herb mixture, drizzled in a fresh, creamy tomato sauce. I then had to partake in the adventure of doing self-portraits of myself for my photography class. Definitely not a fan of this assignment. I have transform my room into a makeshift studio and pray the sunlight will suffice for casting the right light. I’m officially a legal resident of Italy!!! Permit of stay is finally complete. Instead of going to my Italian class late from taking care of paperwork at the police station for it, Suzie and I made the executive decision to climb up the Duomo. It was the clearest night and after trekking up the 400 some odd steps, sweating, and panting, the most beautiful city sprawled out before me. My city. My home. The sun had just set and the soft hues of pink, orange, and blue bounced off the burnt red rooftops and rolling Tuscany hills surrounding. Tears glistened my eyes as I looked out onto my beautiful home that I’ve come to love so dearly. The opportunity I’ve had over the past months overwhelms me with joy and appreciation. I am beyond blessed to get to experience all of this and sometimes I still can’t believe it’s happening. And I’m so glad I was able to share it with Suzie. I love that girl. We understand each other and it just works out perfectly that we’ll be able to see each other and reminisce at IU when we’re back.

I had a field trip in my wine business class at different wine shops across Florence. I loved seeing the layout of the different stores and seeing all the different labels on the wines. We ended with a wine tasting, and it was so fun to see everyone come together out of the classroom setting. I’ve been missing Women in Business more and more, but I got a little fix tonight. I got to skype into the study abroad panel and see so many beautiful faces of the girls I’ve missed so much. Listening to their enthusiasm and excitement filled me with so much happiness. I don’t think I stopped smiling.

My heart is overflowing with joy and appreciation for life. Onward.