Day 74

Officially beginning my new goal of doing something new or different everyday until I leave December 15th. Large or small, I will push myself to open my eyes, edge out of my comfort zone, and enjoy.

I live right by Santa Maria Novella. Yet 74 days in and I still had yet to step foot inside. I changed that today. Taking advantage of free tours from school, myself and four others were guided by a fellow Hoosier grad student through the incredible church. Flashbacks from my art history class rushed through me as I cast eyes on the famous artwork and architecture. It’s funny sometimes how you can walk by something so many times, yet never truly see it and take in its beauty. Everything from the marble floor, to the famous frescoes, to the massive crucifix by Giotto brought an awe upon me. I was surprised how much I remember from my freshman year class and it only made me want to go through my old slides again. I want to go back and soak in more of the church’s beauty. Hopefully I can make it to mass there on Sunday.

I took pictures of Tasha today. As much as I had zero idea what I was doing and the awkwardness it brought, it was fun wandering around the river and actually finding some perfect backdrop/settings. Again, I don’t think portrait photography is my thing. No. Nonetheless, I’m excited to go through them and photoshop it up.

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Suzie and I made dinner together after going to the grocery and making a pit stop for a glass of wine. As we were walking across the bridge back to her apartment, we stopped to gaze at the Pointe Vecchio lit up in the night. We couldn’t help but laugh at our lives, lugging our groceries through a postcard view. I wonder if the reality will ever really set in. Our homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh salads were the perfect wholesome meal for the cool evening. We then crawled into bed and watched The Lucky One. So perfect.

Everything finally feels right. Onward.