Day 75

I love watching and immersing myself into the Italian culture. It still fascinates and intrigues me. This morning I took the opportunity to volunteer at an Italian high school through LDM, and I’m so glad I did. I loved being in a school again and the views were incredible of Santa Croce. We went into two classrooms and broke into groups with the students just to have conversations to practice their English. Except I think it was more practice of Italian for me, not that I minded. I was first with three 16 and 17 year old guys, and only one of which spoke English. The communication worked well enough to find out about their lives in Florence. There was a break so I tagged along while they all went down to smoke, and as much as I was fighting back coughing the whole time, I’m glad I went to see more of their culture, One of the guys spoke to me in Italian the whole time and I struggled to speak back. I really need to practice Italian more. It’s starting to bother me how little I know and can speak. Oh well, I’m trying. They bought me a coffee, which was adorable, and then we parted ways to make it into the next classroom. This time I had 14 year olds that were so much fun. They all spoke much better English so I really got a feel of their lives here. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to go back. 

One of the professors we worked with is also a musician and after we finished at the school, he took us on this tour of a palace that you can only get into if you know someone who has a connection. The home of Napoleon’s relatives, the lavish rooms and art were exquisite. Experiences like this just remind me to keep taking these random opportunities because the doors that they open are usually the ones so unique and never forgotten. 

I have a new favorite movie. I finally watched August Rush to end the rest of my lazy day. Annnnnd I got to watch my Hoosiers. My heart aches not being able to go to iubb games right now but I do love that I can still immerse myself into the games and have my love for the team grow more and more.

My mind is everywhere, up and down. But I guess that’s pretty normal. Onward.