Day 77

Christmas music is officially playing on my computer. It’s comforting and an automatic lifter of my spirits. I cannot wait for the Christmas decorations to go up around Florence. I’ve heard it’s breathtaking. And it will be perfect way to end my time here. For the past week or so three crucifixes of Michelangelo, Donatello, and Brunelleschi were displayed in the Baptistry and today was the day so I was determined to make it to see them. It was going to be my adventure of the day. I got there and it was already closed. Disappointed as ever, I began to wander and made my way to Piazza Republica where a festival/market was going on. Stands of cheeses, wines, sweets, olive oil, and more filled the square. I wove my way through and tasted everything I could. It was perfect. I had stopped by last night but didn’t allow myself to buy anything. I passed this fresh doughnut stand several times, and you could just tell it was special and worth the line. I had to go for it. The ladies made the pastries right there, fresh as possible. I watched as my dough was laid into the hot oil, rolled in sugar, then filled with chocolate. My mouth watered the whole time. And when I finally took my first bite, still piping hot, the warmth and sweetest swirled perfectly melting in my mouth. Good decision me. The hum of happiness in the air, the night setting over the sitting, and my singing taste buds carried me walking through the streets and into a cafe for a relaxing coffee before church. It’s nice to slow down and take everything in.

As I sat down in the pew of Santa Maria Novella for mass, I took out the pocket rosary Grandma and Grandpa gave me before I left and let the love of God and everyone in my life flood me. Tears filled my eyes as I let go and let God. I have been distancing myself and I don’t want to do it anymore. Sitting in the beautiful church with such soft lighting and brilliant art surrounding me, peace filled me. Onward.