Day 82

Woke up finally feeling refreshed and excited for the day this morning. Even with my manly, yet squeaky voice and my awkward limp, I was ready to attack the day. Grocery shopping can be quite the adventure. With all the culture differences and my indecisiveness, I always slow people down and get in the way. I stocked up for my last month and made some special purchases knowing I wouldn’t be able to get them back home. Checking out is the worst, but I am getting better. You have to pay for bags or bring your own and bag everything yourself while fumbling for money to pay on top of the person behind you beginning their check out right away. It’s intense. It can be quite the work out lugging it back home and up the stairs too. I swear I can tell a difference in my legs. Unfortunately, not as much in my breathing but my pants are fitting differently.

My museum pass is a beautiful thing. I finally went to see David. And wow. All I’ve ever heard about him, read, and studied doesn’t even begin to measure to seeing him in person. The exquisite detail on such a massive amount of marble is just incredible. How Michelangelo created this masterpiece, I will never understand but I am so ever thankful. In the museum spirit, I made my way to the Uffizi Gallery. Walking within the walls containing works of Botticelli, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so much more left me in awe. I’m living where the heart of art and culture cultivated and walking the same streets as legends. Beauty constantly surrounds and marvels me. I think the impact on me and my life to come is just in its early stages. Onward.