Day 83

A day I know I will look back onto, smile, and laugh at the ridiculous adventures Suzie and I went through to arrive at the White Truffle Festival in San Miniato. We always have big goals for ourselves and then rarely do we achieve them or do they work out. Today, we were set on walking and finding the festival and town once out of the train station. Over an hour of wandering later, our Italian failing us, and searching for Pam, we finally get on a bus and arrive up to the beautiful, old city of San Miniato. Filled within the streets were beautiful tents filled with most delicious foods and beverages centered around the truffle season and love of Tuscany. Tears filled my eyes as the nicest lady had us sample every truffle spread, oil, honey, balsamic, and cheese she offered. I finally have a wine glass to keep that also allowed me to taste of 10 wines from local wineries and hear stories and descriptions of the process and varietals. See education here has paid off. Music, people, a sweet hum in the air, all perfect as the sun set over the gorgeous Tuscan land. Sitting on a wall in someone’s backyard watching it all sprawl before me was one of the impacting, meaningful moments, I will never forget. Only to end the trip with truffle ravioli and I was beyond content. The day was perfect with the imperfections the best aspects. If only I could transport all my loved ones here with me and I would contemplate never leaving. But the reality is I will be leaving this beautiful country in 28 days and it will be time. Life has its way of working out. And I believe that so. Onward.