Day 88

Thanksgiving in Italy. It’s a strange thing. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how great a holiday it is until now as I’m thousands of miles away. It’s a national holiday to come together with those we love and give thanks, appreciate all the blessings in life, and share together some of the most delicious food. It took being away from my family and in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving to fully grasp the meaning behind this day and again remind me how blessed I am. I’ve never had so much to be thankful as I do now. These past three months alone have been filled with experiences I’m still amazed that I have had the opportunity to go through and learn from. I have the little moments too. Ones that so many people overlook, but stop me in my tracks and bring a smile to my face. And then there’s my family. By far some of the most amazing people. I got to spend over an hour talking to them tonight as they passed the phone around at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I wish more than anything I could be there with them but their voices filled the ache with such warmth and love. My other family, my friends, also bring such a joy to my life that I am forever grateful for. Each so unique and wonderful in their own ways and I’ve only come to love them more while being apart. On top of it all, I have the most amazing guy to share my life with. As hard as it was being away from everyone today, I did get to celebrate this Thanksgiving with my family here. Milva and Luca took us to a fancy hotel for a classy Thanksgiving dinner with an Italian flair. Just another blessing to add to the list.

All this time away has only deepened my appreciation for everyone and for my life. It is the prayer of thanks I say each and every day. I cannot wait to be home and I know this will be one of the best Christmases yet. But until then, I’m off to London for the weekend! Can’t believe the trip is finally here and yet again, another adventure awaits. Onward.