Day 93

Days are flying by faster and faster. With only two photography classes, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned in this class alone. Today we finally finished our film developing process and printed our pictures. It was truly amazing to see my pictures appear before me in the dark room. It’s a detailed strict process but I could have stayed in there for hours. It was as if magic ignited the photo paper in the developer liquid. As I watched it come to life, I felt excitement and power of control and creativity run through me.

This rainy day only makes me want to curl up in bed and sleep, especially as I’m still fighting off London exhaustion. But I have far too much to do to allow myself to do that. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep through these next 18 days and when I awake I’m back home in Indiana. But then I quickly remind myself I’m in Italy. Italy. And I don’t want to take these last couple of weeks for granted. I won’t ever be able to get them back.

1UBB game against UNC tonight and I was heartbroken not to be at the game. I set my alarm for 3:20 and luckily woke up beyond excited to watch. It was around then, I found out there was a new big head behind the basket tonight. Me. Anna and Katharine did the most amazing thing I could have imagined and brought me to the game. I teared up knowing I was there in spirit more than ever and that I had the best friends I could ever hope for. Onward.