Day 111

Where to begin? How to conclude? Words, pictures, memories will never do it justice.

Watching my home for the past three and a half months drift away before me as we escalated into the sky was beyond surreal. It still hasn’t hit me that I won’t be waking up in Florence or that I don’t know the next time I will be back to the city I have come to love so dearly. But I will be back. Reliving the memories and creating new ones. Of course it won’t be the same. It never is. And that’s how it should be. Learn to appreciate the moments around us and live in the now. My eyes have been opened. To myself and to so much of the beauty that this world holds. I’m still not sure yet what all I’ve gained from this experience as I’m sure it will be an ongoing realization. Ones that will make me stop, smile, and maybe bring a tear or two. Because I just spent 111 days living out my dream. I lived in Italy and was finally able to explore my passion for traveling and the unknown. While of course it wasn’t as I expected and I would have done some things differently, I know, believe, and must trust it all happened as it was supposed to and with it all, I was to learn and grow from it.

Another crazy aspect of getting the chance to live and experience my dreams is that now it’s time for new ones. While I don’t know what those quite are yet, it’s exciting knowing the possibilities and knowing it is possible to accomplish them. I could not be more appreciative of all I was able to do and see, some of which I still can’t wrap my head around. I’m such a mix of emotions and it is truly bittersweet. But I am ready to be home and to love and cherish each moment I have with all those I love. I don’t know what to expect going home but then again neither did I when going to Italy. Just have to approach as always with an open mind, eyes, and heart. I have a new motivation and appreciation for life and for school which I had been lacking greatly and couldn’t be happier that it is back. I had lost myself a bit, even in Florence, but I feel I’m back and ready for all to come.

While I didn’t write everyday as I hoped, I will still treasure each and every one of the 111 days I have been away living my dream. As this started on a plane, it is coming to an end on a plane. As much as I don’t want to shut it away, it is time for a new chapter. Onward.